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Clinical Psychologist
based in Paarl

Your partner in mental health

Promoting mental health and well-being in people so they can live vibrant, fulfilling and meaningful lives by providing evidence based personalised care. 

Helping adults and teenagers who face a wide range of problems in living to improve their mental health and emotional well-being. Your path to healing and personal growth starts here. 

Meaningful connections and deep emotional contact is an essential part of mental wellness. I help couples and families to build loving, fulfilling relationships. 

Providing specialized knowledge, opinions and expert testimony in legal proceedings. The focus is mainly on competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility and RAF assessments. 

Nicole Pottas
Paarl Psychologist

Individual Therapy

Therapy is a powerful resource for personal growth and mental well-being as it aims to assist you with navigating the complexities of your inner world. My approach to therapy is to go beyond the surface level and to delve deeper into the core of your emotional struggles. This is done so that you can make lasting changes to your mental health and well-being and ultimately live a more satisfying life. In essence, individual therapy is about “healing so you can hear what is being said without the filter of your wounds”. 

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What to expect

nicole pottas: Paarl Psychologist

Couples Therapy

Loving family with two young boys
Beautiful family with two young boys playing in summer field
Loving parents swinging their son by his arms in summer field

Are you and your partner facing challenges in your relationship that seem insurmountable? Do you feel like communication has broken down, and your stuck in a cycle of conflict and misunderstandings? Couples therapy can help you and your partner rediscover the love and connection that initially brought you together. Relationship difficulties develop when couples are unable to meet each other’s emotional needs. This results in disconnection, distress and conflict as couples get stuck in their dysfunctional patterns of interaction without knowing how to repair their relationship. Therefore, the aim in therapy is not only to help couples understand their negative patterns of interaction but also to reframe and restructure their interactions. This is done by guiding partners to communicate their emotions and needs more effectively and to promote responsiveness, empathy and understanding. This helps partners build a more secure and satisfying bond. 

Don’t let your relationship struggles continue to affect your emotional well-being and happiness. Reach out and make an appointment for assistance with building healthy, meaningful and loving relationships. 

nicole pottas
paarl psychologist

Family Therapy

Strong, healthy families are the cornerstone of well-being and happiness. With family therapy the aim is to help families overcome various challenges, improve communication and create lasting positive change. My approach is focused on understanding the interconnections and dynamics within a family unit. The family is viewed as a complex system, where every member plays a crucial role, and issues within the family are seen as a result of this interconnected relationships. My approach to family therapy is aimed to help families achieve greater harmony, resilience and understanding. 

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Nicole Pottas
Paarl Psychologist

Medico-legal Work

According to the South African justice system, every individual has the right to a fair trial. When an accused’s mental health may impede on their ability to participate effectively in the legal process, an evaluation might be indicated to determine if they have the capacity to understand the legal proceedings and assist in their own defense. My role is to conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide a detailed report to the court and legal parties. Court testimony will also be provided if called upon to testify regarding my findings and recommendations and to provide expert opinions to assist the court in determining the accused’s fitness to stand trial. 

Criminal responsibility assessments are used to determine, based on assessment findings, if the accused had the mental capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of their actions and conform to the requirements of the law at the time of the crime. 

As a Clinical Psychologist, my role in road accident fund assessments is to ensure that individuals receive appropriate compensation and support for their psychological injuries resulting from road accidents.